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Come to Hawaii and meet Saffron Skye who has inherited a small egg farm. Unfortunately, her little north shore town is in need of her sleuthing skills as murders and mysteries constantly wash up on her little slice of paradise's beach.

Get Away with Murder.

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Josi Avari is a mountain girl who found the ocean. She discovered the inspiration for the Aloha Chicken Mysteries while on a writing retreat in a cozy little Hawaiian paradise where she met a feral hen and her chicks. 

Josi has a flock of her own, filled with zany chicken characters that flap and squawk their way into her novels. When she's not tapping out stories, she's tossing treats to her hens or creating scrumptious Hawaiian food in her kitchen. She has been known to chase down malasada trucks on foot.

About Josi Avari

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